Ugga Bugga Slot Demo Review: Play, RTP & Volatility 

Ugga Bugga slot demo is a classic slot game developed by the renowned software developer, Playtech. The game takes place in the heart of the African jungle, immersing players in the tribal lifestyle as they strive to hit the jackpot.

This game is truly one-of-a-kind as it offers players the opportunity to win ten times their bet on each spin. Additionally, the game features an excellent “hold” feature which allows players to keep one of three slots the same for each of their ten attempts to win.

How To Play Ugga Bugga Slot Demo

After trying the Ugga Bugga slot demo, I found that it is quite unique compared to other online slots in the UK. It has a 3×1 layout and only one payline, but it offers ten different 3×1 games in two phases, giving players ten chances to hit a winning combination.

In the first phase, you spin the first 3×1 slot to reveal three symbols. You can then choose to hold these symbols, which will appear in the same spot for the remaining nine slots. In the second phase, you spin the remaining nine slots and get a payout if you land on a winning combination.

Although the Ugga Bugga slot lacks bonus rounds or free spins, it still includes both wild and scatter symbols. The warrior symbol can generate a payout if you land at least one symbol in a section. The wild symbol can replace any symbol except the scatter symbol, and it serves as a simple multiplier. However, the expanding hold feature enables you to hold both warrior and wild symbols, increasing your chances of multiple wins in a single game.

Ugga Bugga Symbols

The game features four main groups of symbols, which are masks, drums, huts, and food bowls. Each group has three different variations, such as black, red, and yellow masks, black, red, and yellow drums, brown, yellow, and grey/green huts, and blue, brown, and orange food bowls.

Ugga Bugga Min/Max Wagers & Lines

Each game in the Ugga Bugga slot demo is based on coins, and you can modify the coin value from 0.01 to 1.00, as well as place between 1 to 5 coins per bet. This sets the minimum and maximum bets at £0.10 and £50.00 per bet, respectively, with a 10x bet multiplier for each bet.

Pay Table

The pay table of the Ugga Bugga slot has categories and colors, and a payout is awarded for landing at least three symbols of the same category. The minimum payout is 2x for food bowls, while masks offer the highest payout of up to 75x. The game offers bigger payouts by combining the same category and color, ranging from 5x bet for 3 orange food bowls up to 125x bet for 3 black masks.

The game also features other ways to win, such as the wild idol that rewards 1,000x bet for landing three symbols, and any combination of masks and drums that pays out 5x bet. Additionally, the warrior scatter symbol can provide payouts of 5x bet for three symbols, 2x bet for two symbols, and 1x bet for one symbol.

Animation, Graphics, and Soundtrack – Needs Improvement

The Ugga Bugga slot demo free play game is themed around the African jungle and tribal culture. However, the visuals, sound effects, and animations fall short of modern standards. The background soundtrack consists of a repetitive loop of jungle sounds and music, while some symbols appear outdated. The warrior symbol is particularly questionable. The animation is limited to basic spinning of symbols, which could be seen as a lack of effort on the part of the developer.

Image Source : Slot88

Ugga Bugga RTP & Volatility

The Ugga Bugga slot boasts an impressive RTP of 99.0%, making it not only the highest RTP game among Playtech slots, but also one of the highest among all slot games. Its RTP easily surpasses that of other games like Wild West Gold and even the popular Vikings slot. Despite its low volatility rating, which generally means more frequent small wins and fewer large wins, the game’s unique features, such as the two-phase game mode, make it stand out from other slots.

Ugga Bugga Slot Verdict

Ugga Bugga slot demo game developed by Playtech, which stands out from other slots with its unique features. With the hold feature and the 3×1 slots in ten different games, players can make consistent profits, with occasional chances of hitting big wins. Despite the graphics not being the best, the game is worth trying for those who are looking for something different.

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